26 July 2013

100.000 Page View!!

Hey guys, I would like to share this information; blog passed over 100.000 page view two days ago. I have created this blog two years ago and haven't updated it well, also I was afk for months.So interesting that how the blog has generated 100k page view. I am saying interesting because this blog concern only a small community, who plays BFME game series.I think this game will never die in the heart of gamers.

I want to invite some blog visitors to play online who downloaded the game and play at the home vs computer or plays on hamachi/tunggle etc. Just join us on GameRanger. That would be better gaming experience to play Battle for Middle earth with 1000 players instead of 50 players. Also if you join to the community, you might have new friends from Jamaica to China. And you can improve your gaming skill and become good/pro player. Anyways thanks all of you for keeping eyes on the blog.