03 August 2013

Interview with jnrd by strider

A note for new BfME players ; jnrd was one of the best BfME Player when we had EA Games Online server running.

--What got you interested in playing bfme?
--What got me interested in battle for middle earth was the RTS genre in general. As a kid I played Age of the Empires and Age of Mythology but I never played them online. When I was 12 years old, over 8 years ago, I was at a friend’s house and he owned BFME. Although I didn’t play it with him, he told me that it was just like Age of the Empires but Lord of the Rings based. Having an interest in both LoTR and RTS, I asked my mom to get it for me that holiday season. From there I played about 2 weeks offline and quickly discovered how much better playing online was and the rest became history.

--You were known as being a top rohan player, what was it about rohan that you liked?
--Rohan was originally my favorite faction in 1.02, mostly because of the fact that they were always the underdog and you got to use Gimili and Legolas, who are like 2 of the most fun champions. I never exclusively played any faction and I played random often in ranked. Going into 1.03, I explored the changes to every faction for a long time. I think what ended up happening was that I noticed I was being very successful with Rohan and just decided to “main” Rohan although I say main very loosely. What makes Rohan fun is the amount of options that they have with viable strategies between heroes or just going for a classic ent rush. I still think that versatility amongst their heroes and how the heroes synergize with Rohan units is what makes them fun.

--When you were starting out who were the "pro" players at the time that you might have learned from?
--First I will address where I consider starting out. I started playing this game about early-mid patch 1.02 if I am correct. I was a complete noob playing normal and going about even in quick match. One of the players I had met online tried to teach me how to play gondor and become a better player. His name was darkspy. I know there was a player named darkspy long after 1.03 and even into gameranger but I am not sure if it is the same person nor do I think he remembers me. He taught me back in 1.02 that I should build 6 blacksmiths, stables, upgrades, market, gandolf. That strategy wasn’t the best but it was the first time I actually sought help. Needless to say, I quickly got better than him and realized that a lot of what I could be doing to get better was completely up to me. The last notable person I will mention from 1.02 was romero. A lot of people who didn’t play 1.02 and early 1.03 won’t remember who he was but I respect him as a player and he taught me that you can do whatever strategy you want as long as you are a smart player. Romero beat a lot of good players and often challenged people on GR with things such as combo rushing vs. rohan or all slaughter house trolls vs. gondor. Going into 1.03 I tried to play with him as often as possible (he wasn’t online frequently) and he beat me for a long time even after I was established as a good player. It wasn’t until I started reaching my top game that I consistently started beating him.

--Who were some of the hardest opponents you've played against?