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The Lord of the Rings

The Battle for Middle-Earth II
Special Edition
This is The Battle for Middle Earth 2 Special Edition with patch 1.06. Remember that this is not a mod.  If you play with this edition vs someone who doesnt have , you don't have mismatch problems. If you ask me what the special edition is, I would say it's the best version of BfME2! With new game musics "The Lord of The Rings Soundtracks", better graphics, images and much more features (read all features below). You dont need to crack or patch the game to play online with other players. All you need to download and install is the Special Edition. Next download T3A:o and play with your friends online. (scroll down for the installation guide)

I use this version to play on T3A:o and suggest everyone do the same thing. You gonna like it so much :)

Special Edition Features:
  • Autodefeated (3:30) problem solved (experimental)
  • Uber fast installation (install The Battle for Middle Earth II in 25 seconds)
  • The game loads amazingly faster and runs smoother (because fewer files, but with no mismatching if played vs/with Standart Edition.) Also the game starts up faster than the standard version.
  • Size of the game is reduced. (Size of standard BfME2 is around 5.7 GB, but BfME2 Special Editon is only 3.0 GB.)
  • Included all patches (from 1.0 to latest 1.06, so you dont have to patch your game).
  • Startup Logo movies deleted to open game faster (EA Games, THX, Geforce, Intel Logo).
  • Language filter removed. The language filters purpose is to censor certain words. (for example; ****= fuck ****=hell). Now, you can easily say "fuck you idiot" to each other.
  • New game musics. To be honest its amazing gaming experience to play BfME2 with these new musics. Here is an example sample. Remember that these are only samples, there are 750MB (200 songs) in the BfME Special Edition

    You are gonna listen these kind of songs when you play with Men, Elves, Dwarfs

    You are gonna listen these kind of songs when you play with Isengard, Mordor, Goblins

    Installation Guide:

    1. Download The BfME Special Edition.iso by clicking the link below
    2. Download Deamon Tools lite 4(ignore security issues) here
    3. Insert/Mount downloaded .iso file on Deamon Tools.
    4. Download BFME KEY GENERATOR here
    5. Use your original CD-Key or generated one to install.
    6. Download BFME2 Mini Cd Images to run game without disc here (mirror)
    7. Download and install the BFME 2 All-In-One Patch Installer & Switcher here
    8. Download and install the T3A:online patch in order to play online here
    9. (optional) Download and install gameranger, with this program you can also play multiplayer. We recommend using T3A:online!
    10. (optional) If you are getting automatically defeated around 3 minutes and 30 seconds, use the auto-defeat fixer from here
    11. (optional) If you're on windows vista or higher, try this fixer
    12. (optional) Read our FAQ page before asking for help

      Alternative link1: CLICK
      Alternative link2: CLICK
      Alternative link3: CLICK

      Where to find more players?
      If you want to play with more players join this skype group. You can find more than 200 players to play with. Do not forget to change your notification settings, so it does not overflow with alerts!

      More detailed installation guide for those who need it:
      1. Download all the things provided above (in the installation guide)
      2. Install and launch Daemon Tools and create two virtual drives. This will make your computer think you have the original cd inserted later. Load two files into there: the big install iso that you got in step one, and one of the two mini images. Be sure that you do not just load them into the program, they have to be actually mounted into the virtual drives you just created. 
      3. Once they're both mounted, you can run the install one, in order to install BFMEII onto your computer. Once asked for a keygen, you have to unzip the keygen that you downloaded in step four and pick a random one. Make sure you do not get the same as your friends do, or it will not work. 
      4. After install, launching the game instantly used to work best for me. Once it has worked, it will keep working. After this step, you can unmount the install iso from earlier. The mini image however will need to be mounted if you want to play the game. 
      5. Install the BFME 2 All-In-One Patch Installer & Switcher. Open it, now you can use it to change your resolution and patch to the one you desire to use. Make sure you in the end all use the same patch, or it will not work online.
      6. Once you have set this all up, it is time to go online. For BFMEII, you will have to use T3A:o and maybe GameRanger

      Thanks to Joey Roosen for writing this!

      Even a video guide:

      The BFME2 All-In-One Patch Installer & Switcher


      This is the FINAL VERSION of The BFME2 All-In-One Patch Installer & Switcher. It wont be updated any longer.

      -Thanks to dijkstra for cooperation to finish this project. (He kept updating his codes of the switcher from 1.0 to 1.5)

      -Thanks to Paramartha to fix mismatch bug.

      -Thanks to Valheru and his friends for 1.08 and Collecter Edition Features and amazing map-pack support.

      To read more about BfME2 PatchSwitcher and its amazing features click HERE

      -Added 200 new maps, some converted from BFME1.
      -A plethora of new maps, including all the CE(Collectors Edition) maps, all in amazing detail such as below. 
      -Includes around 70 most famous tower wars maps for those who like to play on these. Also all of them support wide screen and extended zoom out!! THIS IS EPIC

      Important! Installation NOTES: 
      -If you have used the patch switcher v1.4 you have to patch back to 1.06 first and apply 1.08 again after that in order to get the new maps!
      -You might get "false positive" warning  by antivirus during installation, that is because I have added a script to delete the old 1.07 files.  So it is better to disable your antivirus during the installation.

      Have fun and enjoy with bfme2 1.08, collector edition features and 200 new maps :)

      Alternative link: CLICK

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