06 January 2013

Patch 1.05 (Latest Fixed Version)

I take all your feedback very serious as a result I improved a few things.

1- Rallypoint for mills are working again.

2-Stopping of units for no reason has been resolved.

3-WitchKing voice set has been improved to avoid repetition.


How to install: 
1- Download the patch 1.05.zip again :)

2- Extract all files into the BfME folder (C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\The Battle for Middle-earth (tm)
or C:\Program Files (x86)\EA Games\The Battle for Middle-earth(tm)

3- If windows ask you that "what you want to do with these files" answer is  "Copy and Replace"

NOTE: I did something for this patch ( % 10 maybe ). But THORONGIL has done rest of %90. So all cretids goes him.


-No CD/DVD required to play
-Beacons are now removed automaticly after 8 seconds.
-New 'Guard unit' ability. The button is hidden but you can use hotkey U. Note: Guard Area (hotkey G) remain unchanged.
-Fixed a bug that caused the camera to initially start wrong.
-The rally point option is now disabled for lumber mill's. Note: Now Mordor & Isengard can use the "set rally for all buildings" (shift + right-click) without sending -workers.
-Saruman no longer fights about when he is idle or during the delay after using worm tongue, unless in guard area/unit mode or when attack moving.

-Hot keys are now universalised: everyone uses the same bind keys.
-Constructing on an outpost, camp or castle , now have a bind key C to construct them.

-Resolved a bug that caused frame skipping.

-Intros skipped
-An improved color set increased readability and units are more distinguishable.
-Better looking Horde Decals.
-Improved fonts
-The 'hover' name tag now has the play colors.
-Now the version indicator in the options menu will properly show the patch version.

-Elvenfarm removed

-Witchking now has its own set of voice responses.