08 January 2013

What is cooking?

I am working on the "updated BfME Anniversary Edition". Probably i will upload it tomorrow. Also making "BfME Lıte Edition" and it will be around 1 GB. Yeah you heard right people, its going to be 1 GB at all. So everyone can download it easy and play multiplayer on Gameranger.

Another thing is that we are tired to listen same songs in the bfme over and over for years. The BfME has a bug about game music. There are a lot of good songs has been included to the game by EA Games, but you never heard any of them. So i am gonna try to fix it. It will not a patch. Thats mean there wont be version problem. I hope I can do it. I know i am so cool. Ty.

By the way thanks for Spanish visitors. All of  them welcome. Hola!!