22 December 2012

BFME 1.05 Announcing by THORONGIL

Battle For Middle-Earth(2004) a Real Time Strategy game with maybe the best storyline.
Its a design that brough the Lord of the Rings lore to its justice.

However this game has had many obstacles.
The servers went offline duo this transition we've lost contact with many mates.

However we are still able to play altogether over the Battle for Middle-Earth through Gameranger.

My 1.05 patch will bring many bug fixes plus some improve on the usability. Take a look through the feature list for more information HERE

You can also give me any feedback related to BFME 1 HERE

Can't wait to release my second patch before the New Year begins. Note that this is not a balance patch for BFME 1. 

-forshire: Best BfME patch i have ever played.
-strider: That is really amazing.
-jix3: omg