11 July 2012

Gameranger Autokick & Drop from Host Fixed

When we had to move Gameranger to play BfME 1-2 and RoTWK, we have got new problems there. And most hated thing by players was spam text stuff. And no one could fix this problem until now.

Gameranger Owner: Its not problem of GR, its only bad network coding by EA games. (true)
Gamereplays.org brilliant staff members: This gameranger is shit, always need to spam to stay in hosted games. (false)

forshire: i will fix it soon (everyone laughed at me)

Chyna: I go to zoo and get eagle to go Pamukkale (funny)

Stwie: I am so hungry send me bread shire (a nub)

I have found this fix 5-6 months ago and worked very well to me. I wanted to share with you guys. As everyone knows players need spam text in the hosted games to stop autokick/drop from host. And its really such a bad thing. Because sometimes a player doesnt make spam and when the game does count down to start he/she drop from host. Then you have to wait him/her again. Then when he/she come back to host someone else doesnt make spam and this time he/she drop from host. So its hard to start a game in gameranger especially if you are trying to play 3vs3 or 4vs4 takes 5-10 minutes to start.

Before i share this fix needed to test it with other players, so i have tested  with 7 mate of mine and its worked for 6 of them. Also it doesnt mean you will never get kick but its works around  %90. Thats mean i have played 100 games on different hosters and i didnt get kick at 90 games but got kicked 10 games. Its depend on hosters but working at %90.

Q: forshire, what does this fix?
A: This fix add some new values into network registry settings of windows.

Q: Does it work for all windows?
A: I have tested it on Windows XP, Windows 7 32/64 bit and works. I didnt test on Vista but might work.

Q: Does this fix affect to anything on my computer like security or something else?
A: No it doesnt, its only disable "Network Bandwidth Throttling" on windows by using some registry settings. You wont get any error or something like that (I have this settings for 6 months without any problem)

Q: Does this fix works for all games.
A: Yes it does, but as we know other games have no problem like autokick from host. Its only BFME1 BFME2 and RoTWK. But if there is any other games which one has this problem , this fix will help to them.

How to apply the fix
1- Download the fixer.
2- Its a ".rar" file. Unzip/Unrar the file. (Extract the autokicker.reg file to your desktop)
3- Double click to "autokick fix.reg" file. It will ask you "do you really want to add these settings to registry", say yes. After clicking yes, you should see the "settings added"
4- Restart your computer. Done.

If this Gameranger autokick fix doesnt work for you, before asking me about that, specifying  your OS, Network Adapter (Realtek/Intel/Via) and your router model name (Asus,Robotics,Zoom, etc) Otherwise i am gonna delete comments.