19 July 2012

2vs2 QM Tournament Players

Okey guys, i give you the list now. Thats almost included all (no noob) players and most of pros. Some pros didn't join this tournament because they are just "dodgers". I dont give a shit them after this. They only want to play with a decent mate. So fuck them. But some pros are really nice they have registered this tournament  because they dont have any ego , they are only the "gamers".
You can see players GR IDs, so you need to add your teammates, dont come and ask me "where is the player xxxx". Just add your teammates and contact them. Tbh i am gonna delete my all contact list to add these 40 players. I am not going to say that " if you get a mate by lottery and if his skill lower than you, you cant cry and say anything". I dont need remind this to you again because you already have read all tournament Rules&System. And there are not retards in this tournament. Are they?

forshire (1136172)
J2C2KL (1173897)
SaiRaLiNde (818448)
THORONGIL (1137174)
forshire (1136172)
Replay Reviewer/Videocaster:
feary (1135970)
Forum Moderator:
AshNazg|0neRing (694501)

Tournament Players
SAiRaLiNde  ID: 818448
RoCky`BaLBoA  ID: 1540885
XtraQrdinary  ID: 1150245
Buffalaxed_  ID: 1160115
AquaBlaster ID: 1779072
Ramses ID: 1269897
Unikorn  ID: 1145001
HighSkilL ID: 2418053
WizK`  ID: 2134415
feary  ID: 1135970
QuikSilwer ID: 1581192
nMe... n@me?  ID: 2235239
hetlive  ID: 1173927
Dexter   ID: 1137266
Scop  ID: 1217851
Stiwie  ID: 1146139
LATINO  ID: 1940831
JohanRoss`  ID: 2316712
Felixanius  ID: 1222468
ZRIAB   ID: 1234602
J2C2KL  ID: 1173897
Pallando  ID: 1917557
Anarchy`  ID: 805743
IlPrincipino  ID: 1228802
RandomPl4yer ID: 1243984
GanjaSmoker  ID: 1136172
Ganjaman   ID: 1218558
Stup1DØlluM  ID: 2674479
Boss^  ID: 1161591
Fishy   ID: 1433319
0neRing  ID: 694501
ketis ID: 1216396
BridgeBurner ID: 1225852
Human^Being ID: 1903917
Jix3' ID: 1177016
PØW3R  ID: 1162109
*Randall*  ID: 1289550
It`s me  ID: 1157259
NewAge  ID: 2155781
Anon`  ID: 1632158

Back Up Players:
EpiC`WaRRiOr` 2735019

new0ne 1313012