11 July 2012

2vs2 QM Tournament

After EA Games shut down the Online Server we lost QM system forever. The QM system was the best part of BfME with much more fun and emotion. Because you would never know that who will be your teammate or who you will play against. Have lost QM system has been generated many fucking problems in the community of BfME. There are some pros who always keep playing each other over and over in the clanwars system. Also some good players and "medium to good players" who never play vs pros and keep playing vs other medium or good players over and over.
The results of these problems 
  1. You have to wait more much more time to play a fucking noob game, because different groups never plays each others.
  2. You have to play vs same players over and over(over years) because you dumbs have forgotten the real fun of BfME and just trying to make your EGO okey. How it is boring (some players asking me why i have stopped to play my 3vs3 games, thats the why.)
  3. The community cant generate new PROS because good players never get a chance to play with or against vs PROS. So everyone stay on the same level and skill. Thats not a problem because everyone will keep to play in their little community fuck yeah. But i know that there are many players whose are able to learn this game or play it as a pro.
  4. Hey dumbs you know what , there is something else which is makes games much more fun and makes you feel like you are in home with a big family. Thats a good community. If you have a good community to play anything, any game, any shit, will give you much more fun to play it alone or with less players. This is the reality of Sociability. 
  5. If you dont understand upper 4 reason just gtfo from my page "pls".
The idea of 2vs2 QM Tournament

     The idea of tournament and my destination is bring different groups on the same platform to have more fun, friends,mates,generate new pros,good community also quality of gaming. Of course noobs are not welcome to this tournament because i need to keep quality. However i know that there are many good players walks alone. Some idiots asking me how you know there are some good players. You idiot, i did millions of broadcasting also observered many games and hosted games for different groups. Of course i know it. 

    The another idea is stop bs flame wars between groups and make them friends. Can you imagine you are pro and playing with a medium/good player vs other pro and good medium player. If you try to win that game and give your best, you will be like a hero for that medium even if you get owned in the game. Also you are a medium players and playing with a pro vs same. And you give your best and win that game. That pro would say you; "hey you did good job" then you will get better in the game because you are gonna to believe in yourself.

Tbh i will give my last try to make something for this community. I already posted on facebook bfme group said that " i wont do anything for bfme1 anymore". Then we have found (J2C2KL and me) something good, maybe something best , exciting, and most fair ever. So i wanted to give my last try for this game and community. If this is not going to work nothing can be work. You retards keep playing cw  with 10 players and make trolling, i dont care. No one gives me money to make this shit organizations. Everything up to you guys. Make game best or not. I can not do that for you. I just lead organizations. I know i am noob. Safe kebab. 


21 JULY 19:00 GMT

19 JULY 19:00 GMT

20 JULY 19:00 GMT

Tournament Admins: 
forshire Gr. ID (1136172), J2C2KL (1173897) 

Min: 32 Players
Max: 64 Players

1st: 32 Players >Lottery>16 Teams>4 Group A-B-C-D
2nd:16 Players>Lottrery>8 Teams>2 Groups A-B (Quarter Final)
3rd: 8 Players>Lottery>4  Teams>1 Group (Semi Final)
4th: 4 Players>Lottrey> 2 Teams> Champion (Final)

Tournament System

1- This is not "all welcome" tournament. Admins will invite some players. If you want to play in this tournament you need to contact with admins to register your names.

2- There will be Lottery by me on the Twitch.tv as live. I will arrange players to teams as randomize. After the all Stages(Quarter Final/Semi Final/), the players of the 2 best teams of each group will move on to a new group. There will be Lottery again to set up new teams and groups.. So its kind of EA Games QM system but to be honest better than that. Because you would get noob teammates there but we dont let noobs play in this tournament. Let me show you an example of Lottery from my past 2vs2 Tournament.

3- Forshire my mate didnt come to play idk where the fuck he is. Well sorry but this is kind of QM. If you remember that when your mate Dc'ed you have to play that game alone or when you got DC you wouldnt say that to Admins of EA games "Hey EA games fix my stat because my mate DC'ed its not my fault" or "sorry my computer restarted can i play rematch or fix my points?" That wasnt working at official EA games QM. So its not going to work in my tournament too. Everything up to you players. If you dont come to play your games, you will make your teammate lost,also if you keep doing it you will get banned from future tournament, i swear. Read rule 3 below wtf.

Tournament Rules:

1- All matches will be Random mirrors. All games will be played on Anorien with each team hosting one time. The tournament will be played on a League basis. Every team will play two games each other. A win is worth 2 points for teams. After all games, if there is a draw in any group , there will be a 3rd game on admin.'s host.

2- All games will be played at European Time Zone. So American Autralian players not welcome. However if they are able to play in European Time Zone (because we are in the summer and some peoples has free time) around 18 GMT till 23 GMT and if they guarantee this to me, then they are welcome. Official times of matches would be like 19 or 20 GMT.

3- There will be a time frame of 2 days to play 4 games (example: Team 1 vs Team 2 Friday 20:00GMT. If team 1 is not available at the official time, then they have to play their games against team 2 till Sunday). The admins will be online during the tournament to organize everything. However, every match can be played at any time if both teams agree on it (if you are not able to play 4 games in 2 days, don't join the tourney).

4- If a team doesn't show up at the arranged time (see rule 3), the other team gets the win.

5- If there is a bug at start, save replay and play a rematch with the same armies. If you have an extra Farm/Blacksmith/Furnace/Slaughter House as a bug, this must be reported to the other team. Save the replay and play a rematch with the same armies. If the admins sees a bug in the replay, you will get a loss. (NOTE: if that bug appears when a team is going to win 90%, it doesn't matter.)

6- If someone disconnects, you can ask the other team for a rematch. If they don't agree, you have to play on. If they agree, teams will rematch with same armies. So dont try to disconnect if you get two mordor.

7- There will be a topic in the forum of my blog for every Group (A-B-C-D). I will post fixtures/points tables there. Also, teams have to post replays in that topic.All replays have to be posted by the winner. If no one reports the game, then the winner does not receive their points. The teams will have to replay the match if they want their points.

8- If a team uses profanity or behaves in a unacceptable manner towards the other team, they will be banned from any future tournaments (take SS and post it in the group topic). Dont be idiot just give us quality and elit games. But i dont think this is going to be because in this system we all become friends and mates. I want to believe that.

9- If there are any problems with the rules, I can and will fix it because I am the admin. of the tournament because sometimes rules can be incapable.

Tournament Awards:
1- Best team player of the Tournament (it doesnt mean who is going to win this tournament, it could be someone else who played like a real team gamer even if he loses the games)
2- Most improver player of the Tournament ( Who gets better skill, will take this spot)
3- Best replay of the Tournament (Could be even in group stages, just give me quality noobs. Players should report me their good replays. I cant watch all. The best replay of tourney will get a review)
4- Best movement of the Tournament (Thats meaning someone did a good or interesting movement /micro with a hero or unit or something like that. I will make a movie of that. Players should report me their stuf like that, i cant watch all replays)
5- A movie for all players that where the their nick names shows up on the screen like heroes. (i dont promise that but i really wanna make it because it would be best bfme movie ever)

There will be 720p HD livestream games on the twitch.tv/forshire by THORONGIL. Also i can add more broadcasters to my channel, if anyone of you interested pm me.

You can use Teamspeak/Ventrilo during tourney, but Skype is doing bad lag. Hermione stop it!!(I have tested it several times)

This is Teamspeak Server of us: barrrrt.de

This is Facebook Group of us : http://www.facebook.com/groups/bfmeplayers/ (330 members)

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