21 July 2012

2vs2 Facebook Tournament Winners

The final games have been played between J2C2KL and IlPrincipino vs Scop and Unikorn. All of them pro BfME 1 players and nice gamers. The first game J2 and Pino won the game. The second game Scop and Uni have a won. Then its become 1-1, so I have hosted for 3rd game and they played on my neutral host. Btw my neutral host was good even there was a broadcasting. (So i have to say some losers who cry about lag in my hosting and thor broadasting, you are just bad losers. Stop trying to play BfME with pentium4 in 2012 or deal with lag which is your fault)

The First Game:
Host: IlPrincipino
MU: IlPrincipino: Mordor & J2C2KL: Isengard vs Scop: Gondor Unikorn: Rohan
Info: Rohan Gondor team did horses and RA strat. They kept attack to isengard and mordor base whole game and they had Euomer Theoden Gandalf LD. But isengard and mordor team did good defence and managed their armies very well. In the middle game Mordor and Isengard team get Drummer WK Lurtz and Saruman LD. They did move to rohan base and destroyed some walls. In time gondor did some trebs for defence, but it didnt work out vs Isen mordor LD. Two trols destroyed rohan walls and isengard combos get in. Then they killed Rohan. IlPrincipino and J2C2KL won the first game.

The Second Game :
Host: Unikorn
MU:Scop: Mordor & Unikorn: Gondor vs J2C2KL: Isengard IlPrincipino:Mordor
Info: Gondor Mordor team did Horses&Nazgul strat and they rushed bases whole game.Mordor isengard did Combo drummer strat. When the 3 combos of isengard move to middle camp of Scop(Mordor) with drummers Scop had 2 Nazguls in time. Then they used gondor/mordor land advantage vs Isengard combos and destroyed 3 combos of Isen. After this Isengard economy was bad and Gondor Mordor team did attack to isengard base to finish him with 3 battalion of horses 2 nazgul and 1 WK. Scop and Unikorn won the 2nd. game

The Last Game:
Host: forshire
Broadcaster: THORONGIL
MU: IlPrincipino: Gondor & J2C2KL: Mordor vs Scop: Isengard and Unikorn: Isengard
Info: Watch the broadcast of the game below.

NOTE: You can find all replays of Final games in the forums of this blog.

2vs2 Facebook Tournament Fınal Last Game

Watch live video from forshire on TwitchTV