08 February 2012

Gameranger BfME January Report

" Do NOT let this die. Please! There will always be newer and "fancier" games, but trust me, the great ones are hard to come by - especially one(s) which you and so many great players helped shaping up.. For the record, the very first game I've modded for, TA:Kingdoms, is still played on alternative servers, some ten years after I've release it! I hope and believe that in 4, 5 years I WILL proudly say the same about the BfME game series."  MaDDoX, Creator of BFME I v1.03, BFME II v1.06, and BFME II BT2:DC

After official server shutdown for the BFME series, the community gathered on Gameranger. Thanks to Scott Kevil (Gameranger Developer). Thanks him for giving us this opportunity to play BfME.

60.000 games being played on Gamerager in January 2012. I will report BFME statistics every month on the Blog.