08 February 2012

Best 1vs1 Replay of 2011 Reviewed By P3ndulum0wns^^


Chyna - Rohan
Xehanort - Isengard

Building order: 2 farm in, hobbit, 2+2 peasants, 2 farm out, 2 peasants(peasant spam), stable, well, rohirrim/RA spam, full farm+armory, ups, archery range, fire, outposts(stat, well, farm), Ara+Lego+ Theo (all heroes in the end of the game)

PPs: Draft > Elf summon > Heal > Cloud Break > AoD > Anduril

PROS  good

+ Use wargs to kill uruks
+ Lumber down
+ Hide hobbit at mill
+ Very good horse micro & macro vs pikes
+ Quite early elves -> separated=pikes hunted ->Map Control, able to hold it
+ Saved injured horses
+ Harrashing continuously lumbers & isen base
+ Fast PPs, used them well
+ Microing & macroing 2 armies at the same time without any serious harm
+ Perfect army combination: RA+Rohirrims (no heroes)-> Counters pike-warg combo
+ Lurtz killed
+ Awesome formation usage
+ Several destination to retire after battle at Isen’s base (castle+ 2 outposts)

CONS  duh

- Hobbit killed
- Gate rushed: lost well and stable
- Some baserushes’ve failed
- Feeding Lurtz
- Leaving a lot of pp to isen (running across pikes in formation, fireball from saruman)

Building order: Pit+furn+mill start, Uruk, Mill, Uruk spam till LVL 2 pit, Zerks+Pikes -> Pike spam, full furn, full tower, Lurtz, Saruman, Armory -> Ups, Warg pit -> wargs, combos

PPs: Warchant > Palantir > Industry > Rain > Balrog

PROS good

+Rush stopped at middle
+Early creeping (3 wargs)
+Kill hobbit
+Pike-Zerk combo well used
+Gate rush: well+stable destroyed
+Harrashing farms
+Horses beat as much as he could
+Outpost down
+Very good usage of Saruman’s power -> Saru high leveled
+Lurtz levels up -> Leadership
+RAs owned by base+Saru (wormtongue)

CONS  duh

- Uruks eaten by wargs at top rush
- Mill lost
- Cashfloat
- Losing pikes to Horses, elves, peasants
- Poor base defense (lost pit and furnances several times)
- Unsold buildings
- Left mapcontrol to Rohan’s hand
- Little army
- Unupgraded army killed by horses
- Losing a lot of warg
- Lurtz dead
- Spying? (laborers)
- Unprepared for elf summon
- Half base lost, no army to defend it
- Rohan’s Castle hasn’t been destroyed (poor Balrog usage)

Fast heroes weren't the right choice for isen in this game because Rohan player (Chyna) played on a different strategy. Wargs with upgs could counter RA-Rohirrim combo. i'd only get Lurtz after upgs then a lot of warg, then saruman, combo, siege.  Xeha hasn't even seen Chyna's castle in the entire battle. But from Chyna's side it was a professional workmanship of his startegy. There are not many replays like this one because Rohan player (Chyna) played with an amazing strategy which makes this game very entertaining and worth the watch. Tbh this game is a Guide Replay for Rohan vs Isengard match up.


Micro 8/10
Strat 9/10

Micro 7/10
Strat 7/10

Entertainment: 8/10

Overall Rating: 8.5/10