07 February 2012

3vs3 Crayz Game Replay Review by VAPORIZ3R

LeggysAnduril(Rohan) LOA||viuDaneGrA (Gondor) ]GA[Elizabeth`(Gondor)
LingLingAlone (Isengard) masterubie (forshire-Rohan) JiX3 (Isengard)

Bo:farm/peasant(IN)-->farm/peasant(IN)--> merry-->farm(IN)-->farm(IN)-->stable-->farm(IN)

 PROS  good
+ good job with helping both sides of map with horse
+ cloaking merry on outpost so they dont get early game
+ taking down LingLingAlone citadel so no heros come out
+ always making sure to cloak hobbit at outpost if citadel goes down
+ good defending at rightside outpost
+ getting eomer ld very fast
+ killed ara with your ara for good ranking
+ got aod and casted same time of dying himself 

- wedged formation vs enemy units
- losing alot of horse carelessly
- not deleting stuff at outpost when being attacked
- losing lego as soon as you got him
- not being able to attack with your horse to take back mc
- not really able to delete anything in base when being attacked
- not making a statue and well when enemy goes to your base

Bo: bs(IN)-->bs(IN)-->pippin-->bs(IN)-->bs(IN)-->farm(OUT)-->archer-->barracks
Strat: fastcombos-->boro-->armor-->fire-->ups-->middle map farms-->Tgs--> outpost--> fara--> statue--& gt;well-->sw
PPs: heal-->land-->elv.sum.-->eagles

PROS  good
+ good early game usage with boro to get ld
+ taking back middle back farms
+ using land on LingLingAlone early game destroyed him
+ good job assisting team when you could
+ siege next to your heros for lvl up
+ elv.sum. saved outpost with total of 4 ld vs 0 ld
+ your eagle sum. saved your base
+ using captain of gondor to rank units
+ assisting LeggysAnduril when dying
+ pro heal to save your allies gandy even though he lost gandy

CONS  duh
- combod Tgs to archers wacko.gif
- attacking alone to LingLingAlone's base and lost everything, evenfara
- using horn of gondor to ranked(2 or higher) units, maybe was for fun
- wounding arrow to an isen combo wacko.gif
- wounding arrow to pike unit
- hobbit dancing in middle map on a farm for 5-10min before noticing
- not paying attention when trying to kill LingLingAlone that JiX3 was headed to your base
- not putting Tgs in formation when attacking
- not saving your combos when isengard was in your base + no ld vs 3 ld
- not using your eagles when there was 50% time remaining still
- double land from you and your team m8
- sacrificing your whole army alone all game trying to get aod for win(giving massive PPs to enemy)
- never getting gandy all game

Bo: bs(IN)-->barracks/2soldiers(IN)-->pippin-->farm(OUT)-->deletebarracks/bs--> farm(OUT)--> bs(IN)-->bs(IN)
Strat: fastsoldiers-->outpost-->statue-->well-->archer-->boro-->fire-->sw-->fara-->ups

PROS  good
+ used land at outpost on 1st attack vs you, knowing that they didnthave land yet
+ dodging early game lurtz cripple
+ fast early game sw
+ good job on holding your outpost
+ switching to horse when losing alot of eco and units
+ getting lvl 10 gandy very fast once switched to horse

CONS  duh
- failed to cloak hobbit in good place to see if enemy are coming
- since didnt cloak hobbit in good spot you didnt see the pin takeplace on 2nd attack
- losing statue from combos
- losing gandy grey when you could have been white
- losing all archers/combos when could have retreat to main base with at least a few units
- not taking gandy white to help LeggysAnduril when dying
- getting sum.elv. before eagles
- using elv.sum. at very odd times(when nothing is needed to be killed)
- losing gandy white like butter to 2 ld plus very high ranked units(while trying wizard blast)
- wizard blasting saruman lol, sorry but thats funny

Bo: furn-->pit-->2 uruks-->farm(OUT)-->furn-->furn-->furn-->archer-->armory-->pike
Strat: fast ups-->army-->industry-->saruman-->lurtz-->sw
PPs: chant-->industry-->rain

PROS  good
+ pikes down when needed
+ pike next to combos
+ saved 1 combo unit from attack

CONS  duh
- not using blood thirst on starting uruks to get lvl 2
- losing fu pike unit early game at outpost
- chanting a very hurt pike unit and marching it right to elves and ara
- losing 1 combo + pike to land cuz you had no ld
- knowing that your vs 2 gondor, they were certainly gonna place land on you
- not deleting building structures when being attacked
- when being crushed in your own base need to kill the ld of enemy very fast(could have done a fireball to boro) guarantee he would have ran
- cash floating
- not rebuilding base after they attacked you immediately
- losing saruman cuz you didnt take pikes with you vs horse wacko.gif
- using rain when you nor your team was even attacking (it only lasts for 3 min) so better to use when attacking or being attacked
- lurtz so late in game
- losing lurtz as soon as you got him(gave leadership to eomer
- making sw in base when 2 people attacking you

Strat: merry rank 3-->theo rank4-->ara-->stable-->armory-->ups-->shields
PPs: heal-->land-->ents-->aod

PROS good
+ very nice heal on saruman for save
+ theo rank 4 early game
+ ara early game
+ giving eco to JiX3
+ got aod 1st in game
+ supplying ld all game to your team m8s very well
+ keeping both horse bats alive on 1st base attack
+ overcap army
+ killing siege to keep your team m8s army alive
+ splitting up horses bats to attack and take mc
+ getting ara + theo at close death in main base(got ara lvl 10)

CONS  duh
- losing 2nd bat horse to fu horse
- using heal on theo early game at outpost attack instead of athelas(could of saved that heal for JiX3 combos + your heros
- losing 9.9 ara to ara + theo - casting ents at a base at same time casting aod(pointless)
- not spreading aod for going to everyones bases to try kill units being made
- losing all your horse except 1 while trying to save your team m8s base(sometimes best to let them go, instead of losing most your horse)
- losing statues and well at outpost instead of deleting
- late game you were in wedge formation vs horse
- not taking advantage of ranking with theo
- carelessly losing horse mid/late game to base attacks
- not puting towers up in 2nd base bought

Strat: fast army-->armory-->eco-->ups-->lurtz-->saruman
PPs: chant-->land-->rain-->palantir-->balrog-->devastation-->fuel the fires

PROS  good
+ saving 1 uruk left in bat early game
+ saving last hit for theo to get him to rank 4
+ killing statue 1st at the outpost
+ made pike/combo mid game
+ dodging wizard blast from gandy multiple times
+ taking down leftside outpost midgame(keeping saruman alive)
+ saving rank 7 combo
+ puting a pike/combo in your team m8s base mid game
+ getting overcap army
+ saving your team m8 from very close death

CONS  duh
- chanting your army on enemy land
- using cripple and missing early game
- not making at least 1 pike or pike combo early game knowing they had horse
- losing lurtz early game beacause you needed to pin a hero
- using early game land knowing they would have there land back to use
- losing most of your army early game cuz no pike
- losing rank 10 combo
- not using your pike/combos efficiently vs horse
- not using palantir to your advantage
- always placing land 1st wacko.gif
- not killing ara chasing your team m8s ara down that was 9.9
- wizard blast at gandy white

Was very entertaining game due
to losing a team m8 early game, all players played on high standards
and used adequate BOs and strats. Seeing the game could have gone
either direction for win due to strategy taken place. AOD casted by LeggysAnduril
as soon as he died, so it became a neutral aod lol, crazy.

Keeping mc as best as you could by both teams. Gandy White
lvl 10 in know time once ]GA[Elizabeth` decided to do horse.
]GA[Elizabeth` also saved his Gandy white aod plus pin which was very
good. Had to write micro early and late game for ]GA[Elizabeth` because
was different player late game. masterubie (forshire) getting aod + ara
aod was very good for end game results. JiX3 for good strategy ability
during game and getting Balrog in the end due to the results. gg by all
Greetings VAPORIZ3R


Micro: 6/10
Strat: 6/10

Micro: 3/10
Strat: 5/10

Micro early: 3/10
Micro late: 8/10
Strat: 8/10

Micro: 3/10
Strat: 5/10

masterubie (forshire)
Micro: 7/10
Strat: 8/10

Micro: 7/10
Strat: 9/10

Entertainment: 8/10
Overall Rating: 8/10