05 February 2012

3vs3 Best Players

This list made by VAPORIZ3R in 2010.These list about 3vs3 players who was playing 2009 till 2010 (EA Games BfME server shut down date)
The list based off;
1- My replay library DOWNLOAD (2500 replays) 
2- ValsaDooM's Top 50 3vs3 players list.
3- Opinions of jix3,dexter,Kotarafuma,forshire,IhateIsen,ValsaDoom,R4ndomPlayer.
4-Performance of players in 3vs3 Tournaments (4 Tournament 2009-2010)
5- Comments of players to each others.
50- hardidildy
Australian and good team player.He showed good performance in 3vs3 World Cup Tournament.

49- Faroum
A player who play a lot of 4vs4. But he was good also in 3vs3 for sure.

48- RotN|MellonA German player and leader of RotN Clan.Good team player in 3vs3. Also he is good in 2vs2. He did good job with his clan in 3vs3 World Cup Tournament.

47- TheMouseTrap
This player is from Canada and known eldest player in history of BfME.TheMouseTrap Aka MordorStinks played many QM in the early days of Ea's online time and manage to get an appreciable rank in the low hundreds.

-ValsaDoom: This is the Elder of our community an a very respectable person who mostly like 3v3 and maybe even more 4v4 ffg since he seems to play for fun and not for glory. Mouse is well known now for being the admin of a very popular Ts3 channel where many active players gather, and as an Elder.He plays his role carefully when it comes to calm things down between youngsters who takes the game too seriously, good player and great friend to play with.
[b]-forshire:[/b] He is so respected in 4vs4 community. He is very good teamplayer and no old man can play a RTS game as what he does.

46- _Dexter_
_Dexter_ Aka Labamba is Polish player.He has no fear vs anyone even if his teammates are crap and never cry if he is going to lost a game.

-ValsaDoom: I remember loosing quite a few games with him(Labamba) in my team. He was other ordinary player to me,until I start wining with _Dexter_ Then even worst, I have started loosing vs him. He did improove a lot and 46 is maybe a fair rank for him in 2010, but he would be much better rank then that now.

45- Linglingalone
German player. He played many 3vs3 games with his mates(Kingpint, Ganar, Tolfalas and Holger40) over all maps. He has good knowledge abouth 3vs3 and become better player after 2009.

-forshire: He become pro player and has beat pros after 2009.

44- Kingpint A german player, played most times with Linglingalone, Xbitit and Holger40. He was playing with all armies over all 3vs3 maps as well.

-IhateIsen: He was the most underestimated player in bfme. Made nearly no mistakes in the game, all faction player.

Good 3vs3 and 4vs4 all faction player.

-ValsaDoom: He was good teammate made good decisions and teamwork, was hard to beat.
[b]-Strider:[/b]Yeah i played with him before and his rohan was good.

42- A|MaMaRlA|
He could play all factions nearly on the same level.Good team player and has no fear vs anyone.

-IhateIsen: A nice person, You have good feeling if u have him in your team . He was not talking a lot in the game, all his concentration was for the game.

41- [GB72]KingPeter
Peter is a player from Sweden. He was good player and person who never does flame. He was playing BfME with his wife named Queen|Catti. I guess they were the only one couple who play this game as husband and wife. (Edit:Another husband and wife was Levking and Levqueen)

-ValsaDoom: KingPeter was a good player who manage to make some victory like a pro would.
_Dexter_ : Good teammate in the hard times of the game.

40- mikechipman
Canadian and old player. Played long time 3vs3 Nurn games but he can play all maps as well. His best army was isengard. Also his flaming style was so funny.

-ValsaDoom: Mike was always talking about his new recipes and always had something cooking.I called him fast draw cause he was so fast on the trigger to kick anyone, no matter who. Was hard to beat.When teaming with VAPO and ]-[ELL2PAY on Nurn nobody defeating them.
-forshire: That was good to play with him in the same team. He was using his heal on the teammates very effective.

39- NotTheMoose
Not the moose is good player 1v1 also his fav is 2v2 and always reliable. He is not pro but close (1vs1/2vs2). A very honest man who is recently married and always fun to play with

-TheMouseTrap: I always want him on my team when i play those, 3v3 - 4v4 pro and always a good ally.
-Strider: When i first started i always thought moose must be one of biggest pros since he had rank 9 qm for rohan (I mean the rank 1-10 thing). Good team player and nice isen in 3v3, isen his best in team games, even tho rohan 1v1

38- R4andomPl4yer
She is from UK and has been playing 3vs3/4vs4 past 4 years also she started to play 2vs2 in 2010 and become good player at it. Indeed the best female BfME player in the history of BfME.

forshire: She was good teammate in 3vs3 games. Then she become good 2vs2 player after 2010

37- Lord^Curse
A kuwait player. He was too strong when he played with his Clan called "Curse". They have had many wins vs all teams as clan.

-forshire: He was really good specially with his clan(^Curse) members.

36- ValsaDoom
A Canadian and old player. He has been playing BfME since when its came out. Very creative and interesting personality. He had lag problems since 2005 (because of Canadian internet providers). He would be highest rank on this list for sure if he had better connection.

-Strider: Good teammate when not under lag, but i liked talking with valsa as much as playing, always interesting conversation.i want to play bfme on valsa's pc and see this lag for myself
-forshire: He would have better rank in this list if he had no lag. Most creative person in gamereplays forums and there are not so much players who has good ability to analyze replays. He is one of them.
-IhateIsen: The men with 1000 nicks.He is a really gentlemen in the game and never saw him bashing people, helped many players to get better. it's really fun to play with him, very good teammate.

35- Kotarafuma
A player from Croatia and nice guy.He did never flame to anyone and was best sportsmanship guy in the game. However, he was playing hard in 3vs3 battles.

-IhateIsen: All faction player but imo opinion rohan his best faction. Good teammate, hard opponent.
-forshire: Very good team player and able to read game for win. He has no fear vs all even if he plays with medium players vs pros.

34- IlPrincipino
He is from Sweden and playing this game since 2005. He was good team player at all.He was getting better every year in the game and at last he was pro in team games.

-IhateIsen: One of my oldest mates, imo Pino will be better from year to year. All faction player on the same high level. If i take a look old replays, some times i cant believe what games we won, with worst mu´s and Pino played really excellent and gave us a victory in that games.

33- PainMaker
Another good 3vs3 team player. He mostly played as rohan and he was able to read game to move units on the map.

-IhateIsen: imo he is a really good rohan player, saw him playing rohan nearly 90%.

32- Brutaltactics
Good and all faction 3vs3 team player. He was nice personality even when he is going to lost games.

-Strider: He had good isen ramrush, alot like what freakyskills would do, good teammate.

31- Xbitit
Another good 3vs3 player, he was doing good team strats with his team mates.

-IhateIsen: A little flamer in game, all time in game talking, if u play with him u loose concentration after 3 mins, he is thew coach in game, tells all players what to do.But good al faction player, i like to play vs him.

30- HellRaiserzzzzz
Pro 3vs3 team player and he was good with his micro macro and team strategy.

-ValsaDoom: HellRaiserzzzzz/Pradaps - Pradaps was one of the first guys i hate in game, in the first years after begin playing bfme he and his bro haya gave us nearly zero chance in game. It was frustrating to play vs this guys. A good mate, lerned a lot about 3v3 from him. Normally a Top 20 player.
-IlPrincipino: I remember him as a 3v3 pro

29- biHatch
A German player and good in 3vs3. IlPrincipino, gianlucapelu and biHatch started a clan name call GiS (germany italy sweden) in 2008. They played a lot of 3vs3 games together under this clan.

-IlPrincipino: My first clan mate. Good mate.

28- m4r4dona
A player from Croatia and funny guy. He won the Gamereplays 3vs3 Tournament with ReiCasca and padsystem345

-Dexter: Mara liked blade rush as isen , always.
-Strider: Always in right place when you need him.
-IhateIsen: I don't play much games vs M4r4, but they were funny. I never lost a game vs M4r4, most times he tried a blade rush with isen, every time failed ;-). Most times i saw him in 4v4.

27- HayabusaRider
Pro 3vs3 team player, also he is good in 1vs1 and 2vs2. But he prefer to play 3vs3 with good pro players. He was trying to make a 3vs3 tournament and he has done it as well.

26- GeneralJR
A player from Brazil. He was really good in 3vs3 games.

-ValsaDoom: Perhaps the best Brazilian PLayer ever, he played many QM and wss among the best of the best in 1v1, One of the few who didn't mind playing few 3v3 with friends.

25- Bolerlan
Mostly played 1vs1 and 2vs2 but in 2009 he played a lot of 3vs3 4vs4 games. Specially with his mates RyanLane and A|Devilmaycry. Good hero usage with rohan.

24- TDH|RaviuS
No idea where he was from but there was many players in TDH| clan , most of them was medium but RaviuS was the best of them. Indeed top 25 player in 3vs3 games.

-forshire: I remember him in 2009, was not easy to beat him and i guess i lost some games vs his clan.

23- manu_cool12
A player from India, he was pro team gamer with his interesting strats.

-ValsaDoom: A player who always played for the win, he had a very agressive tactic as any faction, but maybe even more as Rohan, very hard to beat.
-IhateIsen: Manu is an indian player, imo atm 15 or 16 years old. Long time a good mate, had some interesting ideas in the games, played very agressiv, had much fun to steal farms on the other side (Leb). Very good tactics in game, rohan his best faction but isen not less hard - most times his isen rush doesnt failed.

22- Ryze22
One good UK player who dosen't play much anymore, but still loves to talk about the game.

21- OneMorePlayer
A polish player. He was one of the best 3vs3 team player. Specially when he plays with his team (other polish players Sharaka_Praptaka, Mowmitatoo)

-forshire: Good team player at all with all armies.

20- J2C2KL
A player from Turkey. He is pro at all 1vs1 till 4vs4,started to play 3vs3 in 2010. But become pro at it very fast. Did good job in 3vs3 World Cup even that games was his first 3vs3 games.

-forshire: You need to be extra carefully when you are playing vs this guy and his team.

19- Garrotte
An american player and known one of the best 3vs3 players in 2009

-ValsaDoom: Well known for rushing in early games with Isen every time no ecception and he never fails.
-IhateIsen: Good mate, had very much games in the early morning. Garr is an excellent all faction player, his rohan horses are great, isen rushing everytime, mordor troll spam and gondor shield rush. If u play vs garr u know what he do, but most times u cant stop him.
-forshire: When i started to play 3vs3 this guy and kilo was known best 3vs3 players in 2009. Then they quitted play this game idk why. Ahh and another thing is this guy was making RA as Rohan in all 3vs3 games.

18- sraka_praptaka
A polish player and very good team mate specially when he plays with other polish players (OneMorePlayer and Mowmitatoo)

-forshire: i have had hard times vs this guy and his team. That was not easy to beat them.

17- Ryanlane07
 A player from UK. He was pro 3vs3 player but sometimes he was not listen his teammates and playing on his way.

-ValsaDoom: He semms to me like an other ordinary player, who tough he could play among the pros... well guess what I saw him owning them more then once, imo Ryan became pros player overnight.

16- TnTkillollum
Austrian player and one of the best 3vs3 players.

-ValsaDoom: I would say, when he plays Leb as grey Gondor spoted in bottom midle camp, he looks like forshire's Alter Ego, and plays just as good!
-IhateIsen: Our Austrian player. Chris is imo a nearly top 10 player, a really good person. Plays all faction on the same high level. Sometimes he made to much fun in games with his mates (dbl Lego, Ara rush vs Mordor/Rohan/Rohan). But if he plays serious - its very hard to beat him.
Kotarafuma: His horse and gtw micro is good, also good with isen when he goes saru and lurtz.

15- A|Pacino
A player from Slovenia, all faction player but his isengard best and mordor worst.

-ValsaDoom:  A|Pacino - LordSeeth was in my first years nearly the best player in game. With his mates DonBonjourno, Haya, Neptun nearly unbeatable. The "Agents" dominated bfme any time.
-forshire: LordSeeth was a good opponent.

14- ReiCasca
A brasil player and most funniest guy of BfME community. He has been started to play 3vs3 games then meet with forshire and learned him a lot of and become the pro in 3vs3. ReiCasca won Gamereplays 3vs3 tournament and did good job there. After 3vs3 Tournament he started to play 2vs2 and become pro at it.

-Strider: He always good at directing people in the team,always knew when to attack or back.
-Dexter: Alan was good mentor to me, and he smokes to much.
-forshire: I have played a lot of games with ReiCasca and he was always good teammate even when he was new player. Indeed he has good macro and control of units (movement) in the map. You dont need use beacons to show alan where does enemy coming. Because alan has auto beacon in his mind. Also he is the Best funny guy i have ever meet in my gaming history, not that only BfME.

13- Jix3
A Turk player and 20 years old. He doesnt like speak to much even no "hi" to anyone firstly.

-ReiCasCa: Jix has good macro and sense of teamwork. best army is Isengard. Agressive player and knows how to atck in secret. Also he is good for change focus of battle when mates needs time as well.
-forshire: My best teammate. I bash everyone with him in the past.Good macro,sneaky attack and read the game which is important in this game.He would be higest rank in this list if he knows how to play with gondor as well.

12- PadSistemA4323A player from croatia. All faction player but better with FOL. He won 3vs3 Gamereplays Tournament. Good micro macro and help to his mates in the games.

-ReiCasca: Good heroes micro, agressive gaming, OP macro
-forshire: He was reall good team player, I was impressed when he and ReiCasca won the Gamereplays 3vs3 Tournament easy vs Pros.

11- WizK^An American player and nice gamer. He has been playing this game since when it is came out. So agressivve player but beside that he has nice personality.

-Strider: One of best at map control imo whenever i play with him his color all over minimap,usualy purple.
-forshire: I usualy played vs him in the past and had hard times vs him.One of the best my favorite player. Peoples says 3vs3 no require micro,I guess they have no any game with wizk or didnt watch his replays where his horses over all map.Also i like his game style which is close to mine, so agressivve, attack all the times, he doesnt like to wait in base or outpost. He always think about attack to enemy.

10- Amor|de|rey aka MaTaDoR25
 A player from Spain. Pro at all. Nice micro and macro. Good FoL player in 1v1 through 3vs3 but he mostly plays as random.

-ValsaDoom: Amor|de|rey - MaTaDoR, one of the best players any time in bfme. All faction on same high level, nearly no mistakes and very hard to beat him.

9- L1mit3d^
 A german player. He has been started to play 3vs3 at 2009 and took it seriously in 2010. He did very good job in 3vs3 World Cup and came to final with only one lost. He and his team have won other all games till the final. Also he is the pro 1vs1/2vs2 player.

-forshire: He was using heroes very effective in 3vs3 games.

8- |CON|Grominet
A france player. He is one of the best 3vs3 players with his high skill gaming. Great 3vs3 player that will twist you up if you playing fantasy

-Strider: One of best allies i've had in team games. Also creator of the pro "Lego rush" (whenever we play i think originally he miss typed lego and then just starting calling his rohan strat "leog rush")
-forshire: well, he is one of the best 3vs3 players, he would have highest rank than 8 if he has played in tournaments. But he never did.

7- arkurious
A player from Switzerland. He was good at all team games and smart player. Played a lot of 3vs3 with L1mit3d^ and they were really one of the best teams in 3vs3 games.His fav army was isen and rohan.

-forshire: He did good job in 2010 3vs3 World Cup. I guess he has best nazgul micro i have ever seen.
-L1mit3d^: We played all the years togehter ,much cw. He was the one of the best bfme players, took rank 1 in 1v1 qm with the most points which where ever reached.

6- Mordor^Curse
MordorCurse aka DoMiNiX, was fair player and a good kid The kind of player with ambitions, and with no fear. while he was climbing the ladder playing QM after QM he sometimes join us for a 3v3 on Nurn when kwi|pilot was online, the 2 of them were playing in the same Cybercafe, where other kuweit players gatter.

-VAlsaDooM: tbh I just don't remember losing on Nurn with DoMiNiX.
-VAPORIZER: The brain behind the "Curse Team"
-forshire: He was the one of the best 3vs3/4vs4 players and nice guy. Also pro QM spammer in the past.

5- _attacktroll_32
An American player, he played a lot of games with Xehanort Chyna and Pureanarchy and dominated 3vs3.

-VAlsaDooM: For me 3 players were so hard to beat, and at one point, I tough they were all the same player , changing his name, it was _attacktroll_32, TNTkilloum and forshire. Then I saw these guys in different rooms so I then knew these guys were all different players.

4- PureAnarchy
An American player.Plays with Xeha and attacktroll few years back, we used to be Black Gate nubs together.

3- ihA^Snow
The player from UK. One of the best 3vs3 players.Also he is one of the best 1vs1 players. There are not so much players who can play 1vs1 till 4vs4 as pro and he is one of them. Quiet player, doesn't like to speak much beside laugh. To make the best 3vs3 players list was a part of his idea.

-forshire: One of the best player in all times. Amazing micro even in 3vs3 games. When he knows that going to win a game, he always says "hi" to other team in the game.

2- |xehanort|19
 A player from UK. One of the best 3vs3 players.Also he is good in 1vs1/2vs2. He has always been a tough player to beat in 3vs3, learned alot from PureAnarchy and has become one the best 3vs3 players as of today.

1- forshire
The Turk and The best player in 3vs3 due to his skills and ability of playing any map and any players and surprisingly doesn't do drugs.

-ReiCasCa: Best strategist. He knows choose the right army for his team to fast making the game get easy. Good micro macro. Best gondor defense that i knew in 3vs3. Map control with hobit, farms and lab spies, he teached me about BO,and know also team work usually works if just one guy make the strategy in the team.

-ValsaDoom: The ''SOUL'' of BFME, he always took the game seriously and was known as the best 3v3 player ever.From what I remember for this player, I never saw anybody laugh at, against or with him ever, this guy means serious business.

Grishnakha: Ahmet is an interesting person and doesn't seem to have a bad word for anyone.At the time I became Ladder Admin he was just coming onto Gamereplays staff and I unbanned his quickmatch account.Such was his integrity that he refused to play on it.