18 January 2012

VIDEOCAST: StiWie` (M) ^Alan. (R) VS chyna (M) IlPrincipino (G)

This Videocast made by Unikorn. If you ask me about videocast i can tell you that is a replay of the game, but with a commentator. The commentator watch a replay and makes comments about players, strategies, micro, macro.

Videocasts so enjoyable to watch also important for players who needs to get better in this game. Unikorn does this job for two years and he did a lot of videocasts even u guys not aware of it. Anyway get ready to watch this cool game and do not forget to take your popcorn.

Commentator: Unikorn
Players: StiWie` (Mordor) ^Alan. (Rohan) VS chyna (Mordor) IlPrincipino (Gondor)
Map: Anorien
Game Style: 2vs2 Ladder