28 January 2012

BROADCAST: StiWie` (Gondor) vs chyna (Isengard) Epic Gondor There

This was a nice Isengard vs Gondor game with best players. This match up always fun to watch if both players are pro. Normally isengard wins games on this map versus gondor. Especially where gondor is playing offhost.

Chyna is an old player and i can say that he is one of the best player in this game. He is playing this game since 2005 which mean is he has biggest experience than all of other players. StiWie` started to play in 2009 as a noob. But he improved himself very fast he became one of the best players today.

Get some popcorns and watch this high skilled game.Also you can download replay of the game. Have fun!

Players : Stwie' vs Chyna
MU: Isengard vs Gondor
Map: Ford of Isen
Host: Unikorn
Broadcast: forshire

StiWie` (Gondor) vs chyna (Isengard) Epic Gondor There