17 January 2012

Interview with Orange

My first spotlight on the blog, and it's with none other then our veteran BfME gamer, Orange Aka Hermione!

forshire: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Orange: I am twenty years old living in Germany. I'm studying at a University of education Geographie, Political science and economic science. I play football at my homeclub for many years and I'm also playing in an orchestra.I like playing bfme of course and reading fantasy books like the Lord of the Rings. Most of my freetime I spend with my girlfriend.

forshire: You mentioned you like to play BfME. Tell us a little bit about your online gaming history.

Orange: Well I started playing in the summer 2006, in the beginning I played less and mostly 3vs3 and 4vs4 games.Then in 2007,I started with 2v2 qm and the bfme fever catched me.Short after that time I started cw and 1v1 qm which I played a lot until 2010.Today I can rarely play because my freetime is L1mit3d^ =(
forshire: Have you played any other games?
Orange: No i didn't play any other game, just tried out bfme 2 and Rotwk.But bfme 1 is my only love for computer games.

forshire: Since you have been playing Battle For Middle Earth (BfME) for a long time now, what are the reasons you are still here and play at that constant level?

Orange: Well, it's still fun and I love the Lord of the rings. Sometimes I just need to get off the RL for some hours and play some bfme with my mates like in the easy-going old times. Especially in the winter when sports isn't really possible I like relaxing with bfme.

forshire: During your time in the community and the game, you have created many nick names and if i am not wrong most of them were "host names". Tell us about your nicknames and their stats.

Orange: well I started playing with SE|Erag0888. Like every noob I started my onlineplaying with a nubname :D. I played this name very long. But then I started my own clan with some friends. |Gandy|. Everyone took a colour and I took orange. Most of the players.Especially the older once know me under that name. With |Gandy|0range I started cw and played a lot of 2v2 qm and ffgs. After I beat Gerrard (who was the best player at this time) in 1v1 cw, I was becoming better and better. I didn't make new names then for a long time until my best mate in this game Arkurios told me something about this uberhosters.My current names were very bad hostnames so I created some new. My third try was L1mit3d^ which was one of the best uberhosters in this game. I started 1v1 playing with Gondor but switched then to Rohan. I managed to win nearly every game in 1v1 qm and gained rank 1 a lot of times. I finished this name with 1151/33. I wanted to make an 1vs1 Quickmatch name for each faction. So I searched for new uberhosters and nice names. Therefore I created A3rs4t for Gondor, TheLordOftheRings for Mordor and ]DA|Hermione for isen. Some of you might think why Hermione? Well my mates and I thought of a new clan for clanwars. We all like the Harry Potter movies and books. So we created Dumbledores Army and every member had chosen a character of the book. I took Hermione because she owns in the books + She (Emma Watson) were soo beautiful for me at that time.:D

forshire: Whose players were your best teammates in team games?
Orange: My best teammates are Arkurios, Pallando, Valor, Cake, Coce, scop, Hektor, Danishuruk, |Gandy|Violet, Glaukon. Unfortunately most of them don’t play anymore =(

forshire: What was your greatest and worst moment in your bfme carrier?
Orange: When I took rank 1 in both ladders and finished the 1vs1 ladder with 329/0 was my greatest moment. My worst moments in BfME were definitely when I disconnected in important games which I were winning

forshire: Lastly, we'll finish with some quick fire questions. Forces of Darkness or Forces of Light?
Orange: Forces of Light

forshire: 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, or 4v4?
Orange: 2vs2

forshire: Balrog or Army of the Dead?
Orange: Army of the Dead

forshire: Thank you for taking the time for this interview Orange.
Orange: every time again mate =) bfme ftw ! ;D