21 November 2018

Hello guys. This is forshire. I know you haven't heard from me in a long time. I been very busy in my personal life. Besides that "team bfme" joined the "bfme reforged" project. So our focus on there. But dont worry, i will try to release bfme1-2 editons for last time.
I am here to say;
1- I will broadcast next sunday (20:00 GMT+1) "2v2 500$Tournament" Final game. Just like old days 
2- After that i will try to release new BFME2 edition which is free from deamon tools. I think i will be able to release it before xmas.
3- Also i will release a new BFME1 edition. İt will have HD support.
See you at livestream.

Turkish: Arkadaşlar önümüzdeki pazar günü 2vs2 turnuvasının finalini canlı yayın yapacağım. Ne kadar fazla türk olursa yayında o kadar fazla türkçe konuşmaya çalışacağım.

13 April 2017


Hi Everyone, 

unfortunately at release we found some issues with HD Edition compatibility, aswell as a few bugs in the patch files. These have now all been remedied and RoR will also be providing an update at the same time for HD Edition on Moddb. I have updated all the links in the main download thread.

I am very sorry for the inconvienence, but if everyone spreads the word that this is now available everyone should be on the same page within a few days. In future, the switcher will have a check for updates feature which will make things like this a lot easier.

If you have custom hotkeys or higher zoom for 1.00 and 1.06 make sure you back these up before installing this!

You will mismatch if you do not get the update.

IPB Image

IPB Image

23 March 2017

Battle For Middle Earth II Patch 1.09 Is Now Live

IPB Image

Hi All, Patch 1.09 is finally here for download. It's been a long, long road, and I would first like to thank everyone who invested time into this monster sized patch. Almost 3 years of work, thousands of hours of work on both balance, cosmetics, and sounds, this is truly the biggest ever patch published in the BFME Franchise. I would like to extend thanks to Echelon for being my right hand man, and Rider of Rohan for helping a lot with art, and work on the switcher. Thanks to all in the beta team for their input and fine tuning of balance, notable mentions are included in the patch credits. Also a big thanks to Paramatha for coding the switcher for us. I have included some preview content below, the best way to preview though of course is to play the patch! There are hundreds of new Special FX, hundreds of new sounds, and new models. We also refined maps a lot and deleted the Tower Wars ones as they are mostly balanced for 1.06. We have a good map pool of quality over quantity which was not the case in 1.08. You can also checkout Val's youtube channel for many preview videos of patch content.

Download Patch 1.09

You can download Battle For Middle Earth II Patch 1.09 from any of the following mirrors


New Patch Switcher

11 Years Of Competitive Balancing

BFMEII Patch 1.09 is the biggest patch ever developed in the BFME Franchise, it is larger than all prior patches combined, including the official patches that GR developed for EA(1.05/6) and Battletest Patches. 1.09 is 3 years worth of beta testing, it fine tunes all uneven matchups from 1.08 and so much more. We hope that our work here makes for a fair, enjoyable experience for both casuals and competitive players alike.

New Maps & Reskin's

The 1.09 map pool is smaller than 1.08, but better quality maps, that also includes reskins of the most popular maps like Udun II and Fords of Isen II, previewed below.

IPB Image

IPB Image

New Special Effect's

Patch 1.09 comes with hundreds of new visual special effects, almost every power in the game has had an improvement, here are a few of them.

IPB Image

New Builder's & Models

All builder's now have a new, unique model so that faction differentiation is easily identifiable. There are also many other new model's included, mostly for High and Ultra setting's.

IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image

Random and Upgrade Textures

Many of our favorite models now also come with appearance variations, such as Eagle's, Mountain Giant's, Drakes, Knights, Dragons and more. Certain units like Mumakil also get new textures as they progressively gain rank.

IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image

New Sound's

Patch 1.09 includes over two hundred new sounds, every building has new variations as well as new unit sounds for deeper game immersement.

New Wall System

Mordor can now build walls and the radius that you can build from fortress has been increased. Also, purchasing Fortress Armor now correctly upgrades all wall's that the player owns.

IPB Image

Visual's for Leadership and Buff's

Ever get frustrated that spells like Farsight and Palantir show no visible horde FX? Not anymore! Patch 1.09 also introduces all new buff-nugget FX for existing spells such as heal, devastation, poison, and more.

IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image


IPB Image


The changelog's for Patch 1.09 are included in the installation, but for quick reference I have also attached them here


06 January 2016

You are late !!!

-You're late. (The BfME Community)
-A wizard is never late! (~forshire, ~Rastko, ~Paramartha)

For more info please visit https://www.facebook.com/thebfme

18 June 2015

The Battle for Middle Earth 1&2&RotWK

Hi guys, this is forshire. I hear that you guys asking about BfME2 Online Edition. Well actually it is almost ready to release yet we are not going to since I, Paramartha and Rastko have changed our plans to create something bigger and much more professional. That is something to rule all three games and bring in one.So i am not able to give you ETA, yet we are hoping to finish this project in this summer. But i can give you little details about the project

1.You will never need CD-KEY to install The Battle for Middle-Earth (1&2&RotWK)

2.You will never need CD to play.(No more Deamon Tools stuff)

3.You will never get Autodefeated bug. (That shit left us from EA Games, yet we have fixed that)
10..... Wait release for the rest of epic details...

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