17 November 2013

BFME 2 All-In-One Patch Installer & Switcher 1.00 -- 1.06 -- 1.08

I am very proud to announce this amazing tool! Dijkstra and I worked so hard to finish this tool and here its done! I want to say thanks  Ect (beta tester) and Valheru (maker of 1.08) for helping me out during project. I call this tool amazing because its going to help BfME2 community, and yes they really need help. Hence %50 of community playing 1.00, %50 of them 1.06 and 5-10 peoples 1.08. So if you willing to play a BfME2 game you should wait other players to join your host, and %50 of them wont join your host because they are on the different patch than you.  What would be if everyone of them plays on the same patch? Lets say for example 1.08? ofc it would be better and  have much more fun, also amazing gaming experience. You wouldn't have to wait players to join your host,  you host and start asap then have fun!

There wasn't a good PatchSwitcher for the BfME2 until now. Players had hard times to switch their patches, even some of them have installed two copy of the game on their computer, one for patch 1.0 and another patch 1.06....  With this tool you can switch your patch versions in 1 second, even you don't have to have all patches installed on your computer. This tool will install missing patches and all progress is automatic. BFME2 All-In-One Patch Installer & Switcher has friendly interface, whatever you want to play all you need to press buttons 1.00 -1.06-1.08. The program will do the rest, remember that you don't have to install any patches to use this program, it comes with the automatic patch installer which is amazing.

1.08 Features
  • New graphics of Collectors Edition are now enabled. No need to spend a million dollars on the CE anymore.
Blue Barrage

Mumakil will gain the CE Model at level 5

Attack Troll's will gain a new weapon at Level 5

Smaug is now the model used for Goblin's Summon Dragon

Sauron & Galadriel are stronger than ever before

Blue Barrage 

Galadriels Tornado

The normal Brown Eagles compared to the CE White Eagles

  • WIDE SCREEN SUPPORT to the this old game which is amazing and necessary in 2013.


  • Advanced Zoom Out
  • ZOOM  OUT OF 1.00 and 1.06
    ZOOM OUT OF 1.07

  • The game has been brightened up with a new selection of awesome colors

  • Auto-Expiring Beacons

  • This game is old, and it comes with the 800x600 or 1024x768 resolution option in the settings menu as default which we dont have anylonger. These screen resolutions for the old screens (2004-2007) And if you want to play game perfectly fit to you screen you should edit your options.ini  resolution  (anyway most of you don't know what i am talking about) For example if you have 1920X1080 or 1400X900 or something like these, that is not exist in the game settings menu, so you gonna play the game as 1024X768 on a 1920X1080 screen. But now you can fix this resolution shit using this tool by clicking only one button name call "fix my resolution" Woohoo i know thats so cool.Supports all BFME2 Languages. 
  • Supports Widescreen (only on 1.08) 
  • Easy to install and so simple to use.
  • 194 mb.
  • Do not try to switch patch while your BFME2 is running. 
  • This program needs to be work always as admin. So its coming "Always run as admin" as default. Do not change it.


I call everyone that who plays 1.00 -- 1.06-- 1.08. You don't need to crack to play these patches.  All you need to download Deamon Tools and BFME2 mini cd images. Then watch the movie below made by me. It is about how to use Deamon Tools and Mini Images.