13 December 2014

BfME game night on the server **17th of December**

I will release The Battle for Middle-earth Online Edition v2.0 on the 17th of December. So i all want to see some activity on the Online Server. Some people ask me why? Why you are trying hard for the server? Because I see the only one way to rise this game up again, so that's the online server.

Some of you want to have Ladder and QM just like the old times right? Well can you imagine that , there is a guy working for a server "where is no one online" to build a Ladder and QM system just like he has the Gaming Company? Please think again...

My facebook page just reached 5000 likes and there are a lot of people asking to us, on the page "i am online but there is no one to play, did i something wrong, maybe firewall?"

They have found the bfme and bfme2&rotwk on my blog and the count of these players getting higher from day to day, yet we dont have them in the game because they are playing on the hamachi or garena or gameranger or lan or campaign. So the Online Server is the best way to bring all of these players on the same platform.

To support this server i have made the best bfme edition that we bfme lovers ever have... it comes with a lot of tools just like the patchswitcher or rep manager or desktop mode etc etc.

This is not about forshire or Xehanort or Orange or J2C2KL, this is about the BfME and if you really love this game and if you really want to have better community with more players and activity, then it is the time "bare one's own neck"

Thanks all of you.

NOTE: After 2 years without no bfmeing, I will host 3vs3 on the server 17th of December, i hope we play some games together.