27 April 2014

BFME1 Fake patch problems.

Hi guys, I am forshire and i saw that some people made their own patch/mod for the bfme1 and called it 1.07, like its official patch, but it is not. It has a lot of balance changes. I have created poll to ask bfme1 community if they want a new patch with balance changes. %90 voted NO, i was the one who voted YES,

But It was so clearly that community didn't wanted to have a new patch with balance changes. There is no point to push them to play your own patch as your wish like a dictator. And more worst; there is no point to split-up this little community like patch 1.05 patch 1.06 and patch .107. Wake the fuck up. If you cant wake up then check the bfme2 roooms and see how people has been split up by patches. I dont want to see same thing for bfme1.

Anyways, I just let you know i have nothing to do with this "fake 1.07" as forshire. Do not think forshire involved this shit attempt. I would never split community up and i wont.