10 March 2013

Goodbye, Gamespy - IGN Lay-offs & Site Closures

IGN Entertainment, hit earlier this month with an unspecified number of employee lay-offs, has permanently shut down three of its subsidiaries; Gamespy, 1up.com, and UGO. Gamespy, likely the best-known of the three, has been something of a staple in the multiplayer gaming industry since their founding fourteen years ago, providing forums, a very extensive file-hosting platform, gaming news, and the multiplayer servers for several games. 1up.com and UGO were both websites which focused on gaming industry news, rumors, interviews, preview videos, and game reviews. The three sites combined formed a fairly substantial part of the online gaming news and information community.

The websites do still currently remain online, at least for the time being, and Gamespy editor-in-chief Dan Stapleton has posted a farewell article indicating that the closure of the sites was not due to poor performance on their part, but was rather a financially-driven move prompted by Ziff Davis, the publishing company behind IGN. UGO editor-in-chief Chris Radtke posted a similar article, and Jeremy Parish did likewise on 1up.com.

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