15 March 2013

BFME Replay Manager Plus !!!!!

Hey guys, I am releasing in my eyes the best third-party software "ever" made for The Battle For Middle Earth. This is a multifunctional tool it has replay manager, ipchecker, patchswitcher.Its the Swiss knife under the BFME tools!!!

This amazing application made by dijkstra & kruskal  These two Turk players and programmers new to the game and community, I am so glad to have them on the board. This amazing application reminded me BfME Online server and QM system, i cant stop  thinking of it. But, you know what, teaming up with Dijkstra & kruskal we can bring more to the bfme community. Future looks really good, i can feel it :)

Also we have noticed while working on this application that, this community is really good as much as it is bad. Because that was great to see how players supported us and willing to do translate for Replay Manager. Thanks all of them for their support and love of the BfME.

Program Feautures:
- Edit your replay file names or replay in game names (Last Replay), manually or automatically.
- An option to start the game with the same game version used within the replay. (supports 1.03/1.04/1.05 for now)
- Choose a custom replay folder.
- See who was the host of the replay.
- See who saved the replay.
- See replay date.
- See game duration.
- See map name and picture.
- See players names of the replay.
- See players colors.
- See players Armies (if no random)
- See player's IPs and flags of their nations.
- Theme support.
- Multi language support.
   - English by dijkstra
   - Turkish by dijkstra
   - German by Finkreghan
   - Hungraian by Szmine
   - Italian by Forgondor
   - Spanish by Randall
   - Serbian by GaleTTi
   - Portuguese by ReiCasca
   - Dutch by THORONGIL
   - Russian by Adyl

In order to run the program properly you are required to have .Net Framework 3.5 installed. However windows Vista and Win7 has this already Pre-installed. Windows XP users have to install that to run this program properly.  You can download .Net Framework 3.5 here.

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You can download BFME Replay Manager Plus by clicking download icon below.