16 January 2013

LoL is the Most Played PC Game in the World!

It’s official…League of Legends has dethroned World of Warcraft as Most Played PC Game In The World.

LoL eased in under the radar about three years ago and barely made a splash in the casual gaming scene at the time. One of many of the “MOBA” or Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games that spawned off of Warcraft III and Defense of the Ancients, the game has gone above and beyond all of its competitors and totes a following of about 70 million registered accounts.

League of Legends acquired the prodigious title earlier this year when DLC Intelligence, a market research and consulting firm in conjunction with Xfire, gave out its annual playtimes of more than 21 million Xfire users. While the statistics didn’t cover every single gamer in the whole world, the statistics have been known to be an accurate instrument to judge the gaming world’s interests and has astounding results…

                                                        Hours played
League of Legends-------------------1,292,502,456
World of Warcraft---------------------- 622,378,909
Minecraft-------------------------------- 371,635,651
Heroes of Newerth----------------------184,520,156
Diablo III---------------------------------172,907,605
Battlefield 3------------------------------171,852,550
StarCraft II-------------------------------163,980,293
World Of Tanks--------------------------145,702,931
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3-------126,754,082