10 January 2013

Download BFME Lite Edition !!!!

This is best BfME Edition i have ever done. It is only  1GB. This version only plays as multiplayer.

Solo menu play options are not included (like campaign and skirmish), but you can still play "solo" vs computer in sandbox mode if you want, by creating a game under multiplayer/network button, and assigning computer as other armies.

I use this version to play on Gameranger / Hamachi / Network and suggest everyone do the same thing. You gonna like it so much :) I can do same thing for BFME2 or RotWK with a little bit help. So if anyone of you interested with this project pm me via Gameranger (forshire GR ID: 1136172)

Lite Edition Features:

  • Autodefeated (3:30) problem has been solved (experimental)
  • Uber faster installation (install The Battle for Middle Earth in 25 seconds) 
  • The game loads amazingly faster and runs smoother (because fewer files, but with no mismatching if played vs full install.)
  • The game starts up faster than the standard version.
  • Size of the game is reduced. (standard BfME DVD size is around 4 GB but BfME Lite Editon is only 0.9 GB).
  • Only supports English language.
  • No need Disc or Mini Image Files to play (just install and play)
  • Included all patches (from 1.01 to latest 1.05, so you dont have to patch your game).
  • Included "Advanced Zoom Out" file.(to see the maps with better distance)
  • Startup movies deleted to open game faster (EA Games, THX, Geforce, Intel Logo).
  • Language filter removed. The language filters purpose is to censor certain words. (for example; ****= fuck ****=hell).

 How to install BFME Lite Edition:
  1. Download the BFME Lite Edition.iso file.
  2. Download Deamon Tools here.
  3. Insert/Mount downloaded .iso file on Deamon Tools.
  5. Use generated or your original CD-Key to install.  


      Thorongil: He made the patch 1.05 and images of my BfME Editions. Also found  the "Language filter" of the BFME. So delete it from my editons. Now everyone can fuck each other in the game.

      AshNazg|Ricky: He did help me to find out unused .mp3 files in the game.

      ChristCrusader: Who in no way endorses the playability or legality of any mod or patch after 1.03 - Corrected my bad english in this post.