31 May 2015

Secrets to becomming a "PRO" 1v1/2v2/3v3/4v4 FFA (Written by Oats)

I feel some really good players hold back or doesnt bother to tell others very basic info about how to win games more effective. This way people doesn't really know what to look for to improve.

Its also a though job to find good information on this forum in short words.

This may seem very obvious to some, but for the majority, this will be your golden points, I promise you.

1. Choose the right fights - The one with the most Leadership wil usally win, so do not go full retard attack on isen combo with eye/chant/wk/drum/saru/lurt. You will loose 99%. Instead move around and work with land if you can, and try to get the enemy out of positon for a good poke.Sometimes you still have to fight, then positioning is very important.

2. Be aware of Leadership zone - Do not let your units out of this zone, they will be targeted and killed as free power points. All heros/monsters/statue have same zone. WK have huge zone.

Also assign leadership(theo,wk,drum,saru) to shortkeys. Example: press drummer and ctrl + 1, then drummer will be on number 1. Do the same with wk on ctrl + 2. This way you can easily avoid beeing pinned by Lurts, or loose control of them.

3. Use your abilities/power points effective - Dont use GC 10 miles from enemy army. Use right in range so Theo doesnt die. This way u benefit so much GC time and can fight way longer. Same goes with Chant/eye etc. Time the useage correctly.

Be aware of enemy power points timer, when they use them and when they save them. If enemy isen use chant, it can be good to back off, and fight when chant is on cooldown. This example goes for all abilities. If enemy havend used rain for some time, he probably has it..

4. Pressure objectives all game -Take out enemy mills and creeps, look for out of position units you can kill etc.

5. Be very active all game - The worst thing you can do, is not doing anything. Always have you units doing something useful. Unless ur camping...

6. Watch replays - of what you want to get better at, and build the same as good players. Be aware of what they build vs different armys, and 1v1/2v2 is often very much alike.. And remember pathing for units can be crucial to success or not.

7. USE LAND CORRECTLY - so enemy units can't just walk of land without taking damage.

8. Positioning is very important - Have your army grouped up with leadership when moving around the map, so you dont loose half your army and have to back.

9. Remember the BFME lags - Do not try the impossible base rush/landblast, as they will fail 9/10 times.

10. USE SHORTKEYS FOR WHAT THEY ARE WORTH - Q = whole army. A= attack move(very good for archers, when big fight happens, so you dont run into enemy army). G= guard. X= Spread army(for catas and gandalf). M for pike formation.

Maybe im not the right person to post this, but noone else will so here you go. I am tired of waiting for people who know this basics in rooms..Now lets all have fun togehter instead of noob/med/good rooms!!

This also is not meant to implicate with the mentor/mentee program.