17 June 2013

BFME 1 Auto Defeat Fixer, Amazing job by THOR!

Here is finally the solution for the auto defeat problem. The issue was that 'all' units and structures got automatically destroyed by themselves causing a defeat after 3.5 minutes.

-- Cure for 3:30 Autodefeat --

Every structure and units destroy by themself after 3.5 minutes, the game ends with a defeat error.

How to cure!

Step 1: Go to your bfme directory
(default location C:\Program Files (x86)\EA Games\The Battle for Middle-earth (tm) )

Step 2: Delete the following file LOTRBFMe.dat

Step 3: Run lotrbfme_inst.exe which can be found in next to this text file you opened.

Note: there are no notifications or what so ever to tell you if it worked.

If you do need any support you can join the BFME community: