07 February 2013

Battle for Middle Earth New Soundtracks!!

Hello gamers, I have done BfME new soundtrack project as  promised. It took a lot of  time but definitely was worth it, because you guys gonna have amazing fresh BfME experience within this new soundtrack pack.

That was not easy to understand which mp3 files runing in game and where? So it was hard job to elimination and understand work systematic over 150 mp3 files. But Ash Nazg|Ricky has done this part of the project very well. I couldnt finish this project if I have no help of him.

As you know there are a lot of good LOTR soundtracks, yet we never heard a lot of them in the BfME. Most of the standart bfme songs are pretty slow and dont make players pump up while gaming. Also we are tired to listen same songs since 2004. (i have had turned off music in the game coz it makes me sleepy)

Essipecially to watch a replay or to be observer in the game was pain if you listen the game background music. Because it was a song which is 1:04 sec and it is keep looping over and over. You can listen that song below.

Replayobs by Ahmet Apa

So i have made new mp3 around 30 min to listen in the replays or observer, then i have send whole project to some players on GameRanger to take their feedback. Everyone of them said that is really amazing experience to play BfME with these LOTR songs.

Well year is 2013 and bfme has better graphics/musics/ less lag/better gaming experience more than default (2004). Thanks to all BfME fans who still keep working to make it better and alive. There is only one thing we missing and that is Online Server and a ladder. (QM system). But let me tell you that,   a pro team working on it to make dream comes true. It can be possible this summer ;)

Now you  download and play some games with this new soundtracks and do not forget to make your music level %100 to hear it better :)

  • All mp3s ripped by orginal LoTR Disc.
  • When you play with Isengard or Mordor gonna hear their songs from the movie. Same as Gondor Rohan. The game doesnt support as army, but evil or good.
  • 629 MB

How to use:
  • Donwload Music.big file below.
  • Go to your BfME Folder "C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\The Battle for Middle-earth" and back up your orginal "Music.Big" file in case.
  • Copy  downloaded new music.big file (629mb) to your game folder. Thats all.