25 January 2013

What is cooking?

First, i have to say thanks to my all viewers, my blog statistics going crayz (x3)  Thanks everyone :)

I been busy last days but i want to finish  "new bfme soundtracks"  project in in few days. Another thing is    there is a big light in the tunnel. And BFME Server in the end of tunnel ;) The problem is i dont have enough time to organize things (THORONGIL afk too). But maybe it can be done until summer.

The last project is the "MONEY LEAGUE". It will be basically bfme ladder but everymonth the winner of the ladder gets money by paypal. But if a player want to  join league he needs to pay 5$. And the winner gets all money. For example 40 players. (40X5=200$). I didnt type all rules but have talked 30 mates and they all wanna play in it. Also all ELO points and statistics will be automatic calculate (someone working on a program to make it )
Note: It is probably gonna be 2vs2 ladder. Idk when it is gonna be start but soon.

Long live BFME :)