15 April 2012

BFME Mappack

Hey everyone THORONGIL here. I've got a nice gift for you all. I found 77 very beautiful maps from our modding community.It would be a shame not to share this with everyone. I decided not to put any of my maps in this pack since these maps are way too good. In order to get the 77 maps traditionally you would have to share the maps through the in-game down-loader. As we all know that is not a smooth way to share maps as there are many bugs. Therefor its best for everyone to install the mappack so there is no need to use the buggy in-game downloader. When you will have these maps you might want to have the zoomout patch I made two versions. The first version is for monitors around 22inches the other 24inches or above.

The first step is to install mappack

If you need Widescreen patch for the mappack

   22'' Widescreen             24'' Widescreen