12 January 2012

3vs3 Battle For Middle Earth Tournament

It is nice to know for BfME and LOTR fans, after 8 years (BfME released since 2004) there are still tournaments even EA Games servers turned off in 2010. This weekend, "3vs3 Facebook Tournament" will start along with our facebook member. I am pretty sure this tournament will be amazing fun for participants. Also there will be many livestream/broadcast for tournaments game.

We will be online at TeamSpeak 3 server during tournament. We have channels for each language (English /German/Spanish and Turkish). Everyone welcome, you can find TS3 server adress at the bottom of the page of the blog. If you have installed TS3 just click the picture and join us.

I have good news for players who did not take a part of this tournament. This tournament will not be the last one, there will be many tournaments in the future. Keep following us to catch other tournaments.

Please check our forum to get information about teams, groups, fixtures and rules. Also everyone can download replays of tournament from forum. Thanks and good luck to everyone who joined this tournament.